Thursday, 4 February 2016

Grass Diamond

This day I attempted the grass diamond I was suffering from a bad back!!

We went out collecting our natural materials for our sculptures,  I'd had the idea for the grass diamond sculpture for a while.

After collecting dried grass stalks and fresh green stalks, I set about making the sculpture, using thorns to attach each ends.

It was extremely fiddly and getting all the right sizes was frustrating. The pain in my back wasn't helping at all. :-(

Eventually,  and I'm probably talking a couple of hours, I asked Richard for help!! Which in my mind is a fail on my part.

But, Richard did a great job in finishing the sculpture for me. I chose where it should sit and Richard with his expert photography skills took the photo.

A good team effort, and although not all my own work it shows what you can achieve with a bit of help!

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