Friday, 30 November 2012

New Calendar for 2013 and Blurb Christmas discounts

My calendar for 2013 has finally arrived! 18 months ago a publisher asked me if they could put one together using my images, I was chuffed to bits and to now have one in my greasy mitts, well how cool!

Amber Lotus Publishing are a lovely fluffy company based in Portland, Oregan and they were an absolute pleasure to deal with, I had great fun sorting out the images for them and lots of excitement anticipating what it may look like. And finally it arrived the other day!

Larger than I thought, think of a vinyl album cover (though sadly it doesn't play a tune when you slap it onto a record player but it might ruin your stylus) and printed on dolphin/tuna/donkey sanctuary/hedgehog friendly paper. I can only imagine how many wonderful forests have been planted just to offset the printing of this calendar. I am expecting a massive kick back from the squirrels. They now owe me big time...

I have a few knocking around should you want one (that'll be you people with Paypal accounts and not any squirrels even if you have a PaySquirrel account), about £8 each give or take shipping and where you live in the world, drop me a line if you want one, there's a contact whatchamacallit on my website. You can get them on Amazon too should that mean you can get one cheaper wherever you are. They don't ship to squirrel land so take note nut munchers. You can get them plenty of other places too apparently but you'll probably know better than me about that.

Oh and finally should you want a book for Chrimble, Blurb are knocking £7 off until 13 December, just enter SAVE7 at checkout. If you squirrels want one then you'd better ask Blurb if it is alright to pay in hazelnuts.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Autumn Land Art

Autumn Land Art by JRT Pickle
Autumn Land Art, a photo by JRT Pickle on Flickr.

A wonderful warm autumn afternoon in late September, I collected maple leaves and pinned them together with thorns. I found an amazing rock with beautiful green moss and afternoon shadows, a perfect spot for land art!

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Boston Ivy Leaf Line

Boston Ivy Leaf Line by JRT Pickle
Boston Ivy Leaf Line, a photo by JRT Pickle on Flickr.

A couple days off work and a very unusual warm end to September, it feels more like summer than autumn, but we will not be complaining! We went out looking for Autumn leaves and a lot of them are to be described as moth eaten, but autumn is still starting so hopefully they will produce more colour perfection over the next few weeks.

The Boston Ivy leaves are growing against a side wall of a shop, they lose their brilliance quite quickly once they drop or are picked so need to be used straight away. The colours remind me of a wedding, whites and pinks, lovely. Hung from a tree capturing the afternoon sunlight they show their wonderful delicate colours.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Mussel Shell Lined Square With View.

Mussel Shells at the beach lined up in a square, there are so many different shells you can find on the beach. Have a look for some and make a patterns or maybe fish. Look for small rock pools and make something inside one. You can have lots of fun on the beach making land art.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Friday, 12 August 2011

Leaf circle

Leaf circle by JRT Pickle
Leaf circle, a photo by JRT Pickle on Flickr.

Green and yellow leaves made into a circle. Autumn colours will soon start arriving.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Berry-heart by JRT Pickle
Berry-heart, a photo by JRT Pickle on Flickr.

I made this sculpture in 2007. It is made from Rowan berries. I like to use Rowan berries in my sculptures because they are so colourful.

If you use berries for your sculptures make sure you ask an adult first, just in case they are bad.