Thursday, 29 September 2011

Boston Ivy Leaf Line

Boston Ivy Leaf Line by JRT Pickle
Boston Ivy Leaf Line, a photo by JRT Pickle on Flickr.

A couple days off work and a very unusual warm end to September, it feels more like summer than autumn, but we will not be complaining! We went out looking for Autumn leaves and a lot of them are to be described as moth eaten, but autumn is still starting so hopefully they will produce more colour perfection over the next few weeks.

The Boston Ivy leaves are growing against a side wall of a shop, they lose their brilliance quite quickly once they drop or are picked so need to be used straight away. The colours remind me of a wedding, whites and pinks, lovely. Hung from a tree capturing the afternoon sunlight they show their wonderful delicate colours.


  1. What a beautiful blog you have here! I stumbled across your work when I was researching a post on what to do in the forest and looking for links about land art. I'll let you know when I post the link. In the meantime, I will enjoy following and looking around.

  2. Thank you, I am glad you like it. :)

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