Monday, 25 April 2011

Leaf Mosaic

Leaf Mosaic by JRT Pickle
Leaf Mosaic, a photo by JRT Pickle on Flickr.

We had a lovely quiet day at Clougha in Lancashire, creating land art. I have not done any since doing the mud spiral and I looked forward to doing something. The weather is very warm for the time of year, summer seems to have arrived early and we will not complain!

I collected some red, green, yellow leaves and some lovely mud from the river bank, it is great mud, very thick and sticky perfect for land art. Mud varies a lot on where you get it, it can be dark black to a horrible brown and the stickiness of it also varies. I should write a list of different types of mud!

I used scissors to cut the leaves into little squares, sometimes you might need to use tools to make a sculpture, such as scissors, but don't worry if you do not have any, it is just as good to make a sculpture using found materials and making something into a shape such as a square, triangle, circle or a mixture of whatever you like. I found a very nice triangular bit of rock, created my mud square and then spent quite a few hours putting on the coloured leaves!

I like the end result, the red leaves after a few hours turned brown, I will go back to the sculpture later and see if it has changed even more.

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